1 CNC Machining CenterMakino Brand Model F5 -Año 2012- with 20,000 RPM Spindle.
Reading capability of 30 m/min.
X=900 mm; Y=500mm; Z=500mm;
1 CNC Machining Center HAAS Brand Model VM-3 with 12,000 RPM Spindle.
Reading capability of 12 m/min;
X=1010 mm; Y=660 mm; Z=610 mm;
1 Wire EDM Mitshubishi Brand, Model MV2400-R -2013- High Precision and finishes.
Optical scales on all axes.
Threading fully automatic.
Capability: X=600 mm; Y=400 mm; Z=300 mm;
U/V=15o until 45o.
X=400 mm; Y=300 mm; Z=200 mm;
1 Drill Rig Erosion Mitsubishi Brand, Model ED2000M2 by penetration.
Capability: 0.3 a 3.0 mm in Diameter;
Until 200 mm in Depth.
1 CNC Surface Grinder ELB Brand, Model Perfekt Future 10.
1000 mm x 300 mm x 450 mm
1 Rectificadora Plana Convencional Marca Perfekt
500 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm
1 CNC Machining Center High Speed HWACHEON Brand with 10,000 RPM.
550 mm x 350 mm x 400 mm
1 CNC Machining Center SHW
Six Axes X-Y-Z-A-C Indexable Axis B
Capability X=850 mm Y=530 mm Z=580 mm
1 CNC Machining Center ENSHU Brand
Capability X=1000 mm Y=530 mm Z=580 mm
1 CNC Machining Center LEADWELL Brand
Capability X=760 mm Y=400 mm Z=400 mm
1 CNC Machining Center LEADWELL Brand
Capability X=550 mm Y=400 mm Z=400 mm
1 Universal Borer UNION Brand
1100 X 1100 mm
Spindle 65 mm
1 Horizontal Miling No. 3
1 CNC Lathe Takamaz Brand, turning around 300 mm.
X=400 mm
3 Bridgeport type Milling Machines with linear scales (DRO's).
1 Parallel Lathe, turning around 400 mm x 1,000 mm between points.
1 Parallel Lathe, turning around 500 mm x 2,000 mm between points.
1 Column Hole to Drill 32 mm.
1 Flat Grinding of 600 x 400 x 450 mm.
1 Universal Grinder of 200 mm Turn around x 500 LG

Auxiliary Equipment

1 Laser Welder SWA 150 Sisma
1 Welder TIG/MIG Portable Type. Weight: 35 kg. Tiger Brand 250 MCA RHEM
1 Welder TIG Type of 350 amps.
1 Welder MIG Type of 600 amps.
1 Arc Welder 500 amps.
2 Traveling Crane with a Capacity of 3 y 5 Tons. In the whole area.
2 Oxfuel Machines.
1 Sand Blast Cabin 2.5 x 1.5 x 2.2 m. height.
1 Shot Peen Cabin 2.0 x 2.0 x 2.2 m. height.
1 Vane Compressor 25 HP Davey Brand.
1 Compressor 5 HP reciprocating, ITSA Brand.

Mold Manufacturing Equipment

4 Moto Electric Tools, High Speed Polishing.
5 Pneumatic Moto Tools.
3 Reciprocating Grinding Equipment.

Business Area

1,150 m2 Total useful floor area.
1,000 m2 Ground.
350 m2 Workshop area with 3 and 5 tons crane entire area.
300 m2 Office area (2 levels).
500 m2 Parking Area and Future Expansion.

Design Team

We have Four Design Station equipped with the best computing resources updated continuosly.
Our Design Plataform is supported with updated software licences first level:
- DELCAM For CAM Programming.
- POWER SHAPEFor High-Capacity Design
- CAD 3D PowerMILL
- FeatureCAM
All with ability, to read for any platform that our clients require.
We have two updated licences for Solid Works by parametrics solid designs and one Microstation licence.
Our Engineering Team is in constant training about new techniques and CAD/CAM solutions to respond shortly.

This Team is made up of two CAD designers and two CAM programmers.

Operative Staff

18 Builders of Complex Mechanical Elements
6 Operators
4 Operators Development
2 Assistants
2 Stockists

Evolución en Moldes

Proudly Serving the Plastic Industry in Manufacture of Molds.